Empty Boat – A Poetic Reflection








You are crushing down a river

Another boat comes opposite towards you

right at you, faster and faster.

You get upset and start yelling.

As it gets closer, you suddenly see clearly that it is empty

This is how we make ourselves suffer –

by seeing the world out to get us,

by not steering clear of what is natural –

Your delusion and negative karma’s rebound

Moment to Moment !

Master the art of loosing in each slice of life. We loose many precious assets and gains in life. May that be my land, may that be my beautiful wrist watch. 


Living each moment by knowing that I am going to loose the sheen of it in the next moment. Thus moment to moment, I learn the art of loosing when I realize that they prove to be stale and stagnant. Thus this journey and the passenger shreds away its wings of past.